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Ostrich has found a place on the menu, delivering red meat flavor with two-thirds less fat! Ostrich is already a popular menu item at upscale American and European restaurants, it is poised to become "the premier red meat of the next century," says The National Culinary Review.

The reason is simple - no meat combines the flavor, versatility and nutritional benefits of ostrich.

Ostrich is similar in taste, texture and appearance to beef. And it it's comparable to beef in iron and protein content. But Ostrich has less than half the fat of chicken and two-thirds less fat than beef and pork. And Ostrich beats the competition with fewer calories too. That's why ostrich is the choice of health-conscious consumers who refuse to sacrifice flavor.

Cuts rated Tender should be grilled, broiled, fried or pan-fried. Medium Tender cuts should be cooked in liquid or braised. And all cuts can be roasted, cured or served as kabobs or stir fry. Meat from the leg is usually ground or processed.

Because of its low fat content, ostrich cooks faster than other meat products. Steaks and whole muscles should be cooked medium rare to medium (145-160 degrees). Cooking ostrich to well done is not recommended.

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Information courtesy of The American Ostrich Association







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