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Cervena natural tender venison is the name that stands for consistent premium quality venison that is from the fresh open pastures of New Zealand. The name comes from the Latin word for deer, Cervidae; the food, venison; and "A" for premium grade. The Cervena appellation program guarantees quality from pasture to plate. More than half of New Zealand's 4,300 deer farms are located on the South Island. The venison has been raised on the natural farmlands of New Zealand, without hormones or steroids. Further, the animals are three years or under to guarantee proper sizing and texture.

Our Cervena Venison and Elk:

  • Are lower in fat and cholesterol than other red meats and ideal for today's health conscious diner.
  • Are versatile and superb with just the natural flavor, or the addition of wonderful marinades and sauces.
  • Are tender and succulent, offering an exciting new flavor in red meat.
  • Are best when middle meats (racks, loins and tenders) are cooked quickly over high heat. Legs and shoulder (except for muscles in the Denver leg) may be roasted slowly or braised. The Denver leg, or completely seamed, cleaned and boneless leg, yields 100% usable meat. It lends itself well to grilling or sautéing due to its natural tenderness. In a blind taste test, the Denver leg stands up exceptionally well to middle cut meats.

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