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The most popular way way to hunt wild boar is with dogs. In fact, several breeds of dogs have been recognized and selected for their ability to train and "bay" or catch hogs. The USDA will not allow dog-hunted boar to be processed for food. All of the wild boar that The Healthy Buffalo sells is trapped in the wild on Texas ranches in a humane manner that in most cases in monitored by infared, motion activated cameras. The most popular bait for traps is soured corn or raspberry flavored gelatin.

These wild boar are not fed or medicated and contain no growth promoting hormones that are common in commercial pork. Each animal is tested by USDA veterinarians for trichinosis, brucellosis and pseudo-rabies. We maintain that our wild boar meat is completely natural and has the flavor that pork once had before factory farming turned it into a tasteless white meat.

Wild boar meat should never be prepared past medium rare. Your guests may incorrectly associate wild boar with pork and expect it to be served well done. This results in dry, tough product. If you guests request the wild boar well done, recommend the fish!

Nutritional Information for Wild Boar

Calories 130
Saturated Fat 1.5g
Protein 20g
Cholesterol 115mg
Sodium 65mg

Tests done on raw meat. Meat was tested by Argi-Wes, an
independent research laboratory in San Antonio Texas.

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