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After early operators of Florida's wildlife attractions found that the alligator would successfully breed and thrive in captivity, it was only a matter of time before they were successfully farmed.

Source: Several dozen farms, primarily in Florida and Louisiana, raise alligators from eggs to adults.
Selection and Handling:
Alligator is available year-round in four distinct cuts: tail, leg, torso, and jaw. Use fresh alligator meat within two to three days of purchase. It may be frozen for up to a year.
Flavor: Compares favorably to chicken and veal.
Flesh: Firm, similar to chicken.
Preparation: All visible fat should be trimmed away before cooking. Use tender tail and jaw meat in any recipe for chicken, veal, or shellfish. The less tender torso and leg meats should be ground or tenderized before cooking. Use it for burgers, casseroles, soups, and stews, or cut into bite-size pieces and fry for hor d'oeuvres.


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alligator meats


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